Two new approaches we’ve mastered in the past year are animations and storyboarding.

Whether they appear on YouTube or your homepage, or are linked to internal communications, animated messaging is becoming an increasingly powerful way to communicate important messages.  Animations have the power to grab your audience and deliver a complete presentation without maxing out attention spans.

Our animations tell the stories of company visions, contextualize major change initiatives, and help close sales with key customers.

Storyboards are quicker and more editable than animations, but deliver similarly ‘alive’ messages. A sequence of illustrations is simpler to produce than maps, it automatically lends itself to basic forms of animation, and it is easy to change and modify for different audiences. 


When developing storyboards, teams explore a number of different ideas because they have the luxury to prototype different approaches fast and cheap.  When complete, storyboards are easy to animate and roll out. We’ve created storyboards to describe customer segments, product lifecycles, and company-wide initiatives, as well as more traditional process steps.

Storyboards are standardized enough for everybody to understand, but flexible enough to meet your specific needs. 

VI Teaser from Visual Ink on Vimeo.